June 25, 2024

フィリピン 失業率高まる








Unemployment among Filipinos reaches record-high 37.4 percent in 2020 — SWS survey

The average joblessness rate for 2020 has reached a record-high 37.4 percent in the last eight years, based on the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey results released on Monday.

SWS said the previous record of 28.8 percent annual average was registered in 2012.

It further noted that the average in 2019, or before the coronavirus pandemic hit the country, was only 19.8 percent.

In the SWS survey conducted on Nov. 21-25, 2020 among 1,500 respondents, joblessness was at 27.3 percent of the adult labor force, down by 12 points from the 39.5 percent in September 2020.

SWS defines labor force as those 18 years and above and presently with a job, including those looking for a job.

Adults who are jobless consists of those who voluntarily left their old jobs, are seeking jobs for the first time, or lost their jobs due to economic circumstances beyond their control.

SWS estimated 12.7 million jobless adult Filipinos in November 2020, lower than the 23.7 million in September 2020.

SWS attributed the 12-point decline in the national joblessness rate to decreases of 33 points in Visayas, 23 points in Mindanao, two points in Metro Manila, and one point in balance Luzon.

While fewer Filipinos were unemployed in the last quarter of 2020, it remains higher than the pre-pandemic levels at 17.5 percent in December 2019.