October 1, 2023


ローカル紙、Inquire.netによりますとWHOは西太平洋地域(Western Pacific Region)で、6月16日から27日までの感染報告数が8143名と最も多かった地域として発表されました。すなわち現在、同地域で最も早い速度で感染が拡大しているということが言えるようです。また同順位で域内2位であったシンガポールは同じ期間で2351名のみで、フィリピンが傑出して感染拡大していることがわかります。記事内では感染「第2波」についてどのようにとらえるべきかも触れられています。以下本文。


MANILA, Philippines — In nearly two weeks, the Philippines had the fastest rise in coronavirus cases in the Western Pacific region, more than three times that of Singapore which is battling a second wave of infection.

Data from the World Health Organization (WHO) showed that the country has logged 8,143 new cases since June 16, the highest among 22 countries in the region.

Singapore was a far second with 2,351 new cases during the same period, while China, where the SARS-COV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 originated, had 302.

Since the Philippines began easing restrictions on May 15, there has been a total of 22,935 new cases, including 738 new infections on Saturday. This represents almost 66 percent of the nationwide total of 34,803.

Among the WHO’s Western Pacific members, the spread of the virus is most notable in the Philippines and Singapore.

Singapore has seen 17,609 new cases since May 15.

Unlike the Philippines, the city state is addressing a second wave of infections, after being praised worldwide for its efforts early this year in controlling the spread of the virus.

Second peak’

Mike Ryan, executive director of the WHO’s Health Emergencies Program, earlier said it’s possible that some countries may see a “second peak” of cases in its first wave “because the disease has not been brought under control.”

“If you start to experience a second peak, then the chances are that the disease is spreading in a way that you have not got full control over that,” he said.

The Department of Health (DOH) said the recent increase in coronavirus cases “could be mitigated through continued behavior change.”

“We all know what everyone should do, as well as our local government units who are our leaders in our response,” said Beverly Ho, head of the DOH health promotion and communication service.