June 14, 2024

未使用の航空券 払い戻しへ





MIAA tells passengers to file for refund on unused airline tickets

International and domestic passengers from Manila with unused airline tickets were told to file for refund amid growing complaints on unclaimed refunds since the start of the pandemic.

The Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) said “unused airline tickets” refer to tickets not flown by the passenger due to offloading, voluntary cancellation of flight, and passenger no-show during the travel restrictions.

The air carrier shall be responsible for the processing of terminal fee refund of passengers with unused airline tickets during its validity period, which spans 15 months from the date of issuance.

MIAA also said that they shoulder the processing of terminal fee refund of passengers with unused airline tickets only after its expiration and the corresponding terminal fee has been remitted by the air carrier to the MIAA.

The MIAA shall process terminal fee refund of unused airline tickets at the MIAA Administration building in Pasay City or through online.

Passengers will need to present the airline tickets with locator number and code “LI” showing proof of terminal fee payment, accomplished PSC refund declaration form (downloadable at www.miaa.gov.ph), and the claimants’ valid government ID with photo upon claiming refund.

They can also submit the requirements via collection@miaagovphils.onmicrosoft.com.