October 3, 2023

フェイスシールドは強制 変異種予防





Face shield an added protection vs Delta variant- PNP

As President Duterte finally decided to retain the mandatory wearing of face shield, the Philippine National Police (PNP) urged the public to follow the order, citing the more transmissible Delta variant of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) as the reason.

PNP chief Gen. Guillermo Lorenzo T Eleazar said the Delta variant was already detected in the Philippines and face shield would be an extra protection from being infected.

“We appeal to the public to follow the directive of the President. This is for the safety of everybody,” said Eleazar,

The PNP is in charge of the enforcement of the minimum public health safety and is usually at the forefront of confrontation with defiant people.

So far, the Department of Heath said there were already 17 COVID-19 Delta variant cases that have been detected in the Philippines.

Eleazar assured the strict enforcement of minimum public health safety standards to prevent the spread of the more infectious variant.

But Eleazar reminded police personnel to also follow the rules on wearing of face shields. He also reminded police personnel to exercise maximum tolerance and to refrain from imposing sanctions on those who fail to wear face shields.