June 25, 2024

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PH ‘lucky’ to vaccinate 2-3 million citizens by year-end: senator

MANILA – The Philippines will not reach its goal of vaccinating 70 million citizens by end of the year, Senator Imee Marcos said Tuesday as she called on health experts to lead the country’s pandemic response.

Government, which began its vaccination drive earlier this month, aims to inoculate 50 million to 70 million citizens by December 31 to achieve herd immunity, vaccine czar Secretary Carlito Galvez earlier said.

PH seeks ‘steady supply’ of COVID-19 vaccines for ‘better Christmas’
“Pag binalangkas at sinuri mong mabuti ang sinasabi niya swerte na tayo sa 2-3 million by the end of the year,” Marcos told ANC’s Headstart.

(If you look at the numbers cited by Secretary Galvez, we’ll be lucky to inoculate 2-3 million by the end of the year.)

“No vaccine still even healthworkers are estimating it’ll take them somewhere between 20-44 years bago matapos ang (before we finish) vaccination and we accomplish herd immunity.”

The vaccines have yet to arrive due to a shortage worldwide but it does not help to block industries from assisting in the country’s immunization program, Marcos said.

“How can you operate when the huge donors are all blocked. They’ve been trying to import since October and November…we could have had the vaccines so much sooner,” she said.

“The solution is not to block them but establish safeguards.
Wag pagbawalan. Kailangan natin mabuhay.”