June 25, 2024

人気ピザチェーンGreenwhich デリバリー店舗OPEN!

フィリピンの人気ピザチェーン店 Greenwhichは、コロナウイルス の流行に伴う “オフ・プレミス消費 “に対応するため、初の デリバリー&テイクアウトストア 店舗をラスピニャスにオープンしました。


 Greenwhichは、「コロナウイルス の影響でお客様の行動が変化し、お客様のニーズに応える解決策が必要になりました。私たちは、単においしい料理を提供するだけでなく、毎日の食事を友人や家族との有意義な時間に変えられたらと思っています。そして今回、フィリピン人がこのような状況下で最も便利な方法であるデリバリーとテイクアウトで、それ満たせる方法を再構築しました。」と述べています。





Greenwhich launches first delivery, take-out store for ‘off-premise’ consumption

MANILA – Greenwhich has opened its first “delivery and takeout store” in Las Piñas to seamlessly cater to the”off-premise consumption” trend during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first delivery and takeout store serves orders placed and picked-up by delivery riders as well as take-out orders, and has no dine-in option “in order to serve more customers in a much safer and convenient manner,” Greenwhich said in a statement.

“The pandemic brought changes in customer behavior and required practical solutions to customer needs. We saw this opportunity to provide our customers convenient, dependable access via strengthened Delivery and Take-out channels,” said Greenwich Business Channels and Franchising Head Rowena Guce.
“More than just delicious food choices, we offer to transform your everyday dining into shared meaningful moments with friends and family. And this time, reinventing how Filipinos consume its cravings in the most convenient way they can during this period—through Delivery and Take-out,” Guce added.

Although take-out and delivery are available in over 270 stores nationwide, there were not enough stores to cater to the huge demand, the pizza and pasta chain said

Greenwhich said it plans to operate more delivery and take-out stores in the country.

Other businesses have also launched online and delivery-only facilities to cater to the demand during the pandemic.

Authorities have suspended dine-in options several times because of the continuing pandemic. Restrictions gradually eased but a cap on restaurant dine-in capacity remains in place to ensure proper implementation of minimum health protocols.