October 3, 2023

オンライン書籍 提供広がる

コロナウイルス の流行によりBig Bad Wolf社がデジタル化を進めたため、今年のブックセールでは例年よりも多くの書籍が販売されています。

Big Bad Wolfの共同設立者であるAndrew Yap氏は、今年のBig Bad Wolfのオンラインセールでは、60,000冊が用意されており、これは同社が前回マニラに持ち込めた書籍の3倍にあたると語っています。





More titles available as book sale goes online, Big Bad Wolf says

MANILA – More titles are available in this year’s book sale compared to the previous years as the COVID-19 pandemic pushed Big Bad Wolf to go digital.

In this year’s Big Bad Wolf online sale, there are 60,000 available titles or 3 times more than what the firm could bring to Manila during its previous expo, Big Bad Wolf co-founder Andrew Yap told ANC.

Virtually all titles in their warehouse located in Malaysia are up for grabs and are readily available for shipping to the Philippines, Yap said.

“When are doing it here from our warehouse we can make everything available. That’s the amazing thing about being online,” Yap said.

Despite pivoting to the digital channel to sell discounted books, Yap said the company still advocates using printed copies instead of digital books, especially for young children.

The Big Bad Wolf online book sale is available to consumers in the Philippines from June 30 to July 7.